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Andrea Sachs

Andrea or Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway) is a college graduate that was notable for her employment as fashion legend Miranda Priestly's personal assistant. She is the main character in The Devil Wears Prada and Revenge Wears Prada.

The Devil Wears Prada (novel)Edit

Andrea takes a job at Runway magazine as the assistant to Miranda Priestly, Editor-in-Chief. She starts out idealistic, but as the novel goes on she is worn down by the constant demands of her boss, few of which come with any details or clear instructions, but all of which she is expected to understand perfectly and complete at once. She gains a better sense of fashion as time goes on, but continually rejects her boyfriend Alex, best friend Lily, and family for her job. When Miranda's senior assistant Emily catches mono, Andrea is forced to go to Paris instead of going with her boyfriend to a long-planned vacation that he had worked hard to prepare for, causing him to break up with her. In Paris, she learns that Lily has been in a severe car accident as a result of drinking and driving, making her finally realize that Lily has become an alcoholic without her even realizing it. Miranda finds out, and Andrea originally promises to stay in Paris as expected, causing Miranda to be warm to her for the first time and telling her that Andrea reminds Miranda of herself. Horrified as she realizes that she is becoming her boss, Andrea plans to return at once. Confronted first with another impossible demand from her boss, Andrea swears at Miranda and quits on the spot. Her relationship with Alex is totally destroyed, but she is able to make up with Lily. At the end of the novel, she returns to Elias-Clark for a job opportunity with a different magazine.

The Devil Wears Prada (Film)Edit

Andrea goes to New York to be a journalist, but has few opportunities before landing an interview at Runway magazine. She manages to impress Miranda Priestly enough to get a job offer, but struggles to keep up with her impossible demands and get everything done. Soon, she becomes occupied with work and spends less and less time with her boyfriend and friends. In the end, she quits the job and applies for a new magazine and Miranda Priestly tells the editor of the magazine that she was her biggest disappointment and if they didn't hire her, they were being stupid.

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